Bill Gates Jumps Over A Chair: Vintage Video Captures Techie At His Agile Best

This is a video of Bill Gates, co-founder and former CEO of Microsoft, jumping over a chair:

As one YouTube commenter points out: "He's not known as the chairman of Microsoft for nothing."

Yes, the video is old (it's been on YouTube at least since 2008), but it's new to us. The clip of Gates leaping over a chair, which was unearthed by Redditor Drewtecks, was taken from an "Eye to Eye" interview the then-Microsoft CEO had done with Connie Chung on CBS in 1994.

"Is it true you can leap over a chair from a standing position?" Chung asks.

"It depends on the size of the chair," Gates answers, adding "I'll cheat a little bit," before leaping over the chair.

Interesting historical footnote: Gates walked out of the interview after Chung asked him off-limits question about his wife Melinda and a patent infringement lawsuit that Microsoft had recently lost.

Gates has been known to show his lighter side in public appearances, however. He appeared in several goofy commercials with comedian Jerry Seinfeld to promote Microsoft Windows in late 2008; in the late 1990s, Gates and now-CEO Steve Ballmer appeared together to promote Internet Explorer in a parody video of a popular Volkswagen commercial (WARNING: If you click that link, you will have the Volkswagen "Da Da Da" song stuck in your head).

Gates is currently a chairman at Microsoft (yes, we went there), stepping down from his post as CEO in 2000 and left his full-time job at Microsoft in 2008.