97-Year-Old Shows Why You Should Never Stop Chasing Your Dreams

Bill Grun fulfilled a lifelong ambition on his 97th birthday.

Pennsylvania nonagenarian Bill Grun is proof that even the longest held dreams can still come true.

On Monday, the resident at Wesley Enhanced Living in Doylestown marked his 97th birthday by finally fulfilling his lifetime ambition of becoming a firefighter.

A crew from Doylestown Fire Company showed up at the residential home and treated him to a surprise ride in a firetruck. They made him an honorary firefighter for the day.

Firefighters even let Grun sound the vehicle’s siren, although the retired teacher accidentally set it off by stepping on the wrong button.

Always been very admiring of firemen,” a clearly thrilled Grun told KYW-TV. “It is a milestone that when I was in my 70s I never thought I’d reach.”

Gun was “as sharp as men decades younger,” the fire company said in a statement that it posted online following the birthday surprise.

And after his ride on Ladder 79, he jogged across the parking lot. Yes, jogged,” it added. “There were inquiries into his being permitted to climb the main ladder. We had to deny that wish, but do not doubt he could.”



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