Bill Hader's Jim Jordan Loses It Yelling At Ben Stiller's Michael Cohen On 'SNL'

"Jordan" makes a complete ass of himself.

Comedian Bill Hader thrilled the “Saturday Night Live” audience as he returned to the program as a furious Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan about to pop a gasket at the House Oversight Committee hearing featuring Ben Stiller in a returning role as Michael Cohen.

The shtick of the cold open was that questioners kept giving up their time to Hader so that “Jordan” could continue to make a complete ass of himself.

“You lying piece of human TRASH!” he yells at Stiller, calling the hearing a “two-bit dirtbag” flea circus. “I’m so angry I couldn’t even wear a JACKET today! You know something, Mr. Cohen, I’ve never even HEARD of you!”

Cohen responds, “Your mother has.”

“I’m going to POP OFF!” Hader explodes.

“Jordan” keeps goofing up his questioning. At one point he asks “Cohen” what sleezy operations he has worked for. “I was the deputy finance chairman for the Republican Party,” Stiller responds.

“Cohen” opened the hearing saying that “for too many years I was loyal to a man when I should not have been. Now I know how Khloe Kardashian feels.”

He thanks the committee for allowing him to “correct the record under oath. Of course, the first time I testified was also under oath, but this time I, like, really mean it.”

Kenan Thompson’s Rep. Elijah Cummings announces he’s opening up the floor to questions so “Republicans can get angry with everybody except the president.”

Check out the video up top.

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