Bill Hader Has A Funny Idea For The Stefon Movie That Probably Won't Happen (VIDEO)

This post has everything: confirmation that Bill Hader toyed with the idea of doing a Stefon movie, realization that a Stefon movie probably won't happen, and a woman with nowhere to turn Hader's always welcome Stefon voice. In an interview with Larry King, Hader revealed that he and writer John Mulaney had discussed turning Hader's beloved "Saturday Night Live" character into a movie star.

"We talked a little bit about an idea for a movie, and then we were kind of like, 'I don't think it'll work,'" Hader said. "We did have one funny scene that was making John and I laugh, which was Stefon coming out to his family. His parents are, like, blue-collar people from the Bronx."

Watch the Hader interview clip above for the punchline to the Stefon pitch, then wonder what might have been.

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