Bill Hader Recalls The Real-Life Inspiration For His Iconic 'SNL' Character Stefon


Bill Hader gave us innumerable laughing fits on "SNL" as Stefon, the flamboyant "city correspondent" who offered increasingly absurd recommendations for New York City's hottest clubs. But the ridiculousness was rooted in real life, Hader told HuffPost Live on Monday.

The actor, who stars in Pixar's latest film "Inside Out," said that John Mulaney, the writer behind Stefon, got a bizarre email that provided the foundation for Stefon's schtick.

"He got an email from some guy saying, 'You have to come to this club.' And the email said, 'This club has everything' -- it had that rhythm to it. And one of the things in the email was the club had a room full of broken glass. And we just went, 'What?'" Hader said.

Hader then drew further inspiration from a barista from whom he got coffee each morning. The man didn't sound or dress like Stefon, but he "had that essence about him," and with the combination of that barista and John Mulaney's email, comedy gold was born.

In "Inside Out," which is already drawing rave reviews from critics, Hader portrays Fear, the physical personification of one of the emotions inside the head of an 11-year-old girl. The film hits theaters June 19.

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