Bill Kristol: Campbell Brown For Senate

Bill Kristol: Campbell Brown For Senate

Bill Kristol has an idea for departing CNN anchor Campbell Brown: run against Chuck Schumer in New York.

Kristol floated the idea in a post Wednesday afternoon at

Brown is now a free woman, she's a well-spoken and impressive one, she lives in New York, and she has moderate political views. And she's a patriot who wants to serve her country. Campbell Brown should accept a draft (which I hereby launch!) to be the Republican nominee for the Senate against Chuck Schumer.

Brown's husband, Dan Senor, contemplated a run for Senate from New York before deciding against it.

Senor sits alongside Kristol on the board of directors of neoconservative think tank Foreign Policy Initiative.

Kristol, it should be noted, is credited as one of the first people to float Sarah Palin's as a potential running mate for John McCain.

It is unlikely, however, that Brown would be interested in such a proposition. In her candid statement explaining why she was leaving CNN, she decried the partisan nature of primetime cable news and reaffirmed her commitment to nonpartisan journalism.

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