Bill Kristol Thinks Outrage Over Donald Sterling Is 'Hysterical'

Conservative pundit Bill Kristol said on Sunday that people are making too much of the racist comments said to have been made by Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

There has been an uproar for days after a recording was leaked of a man said to be Sterling asking his girlfriend not to be photographed or seen with black people. The Clippers team staged a silent protest against Sterling before their playoff game on Sunday.

But Kristol told Sunday's "This Week" panel that, though Sterling's comments were "bigoted," the reaction to them was "hysterical."

"Deeds matter more than speeches," he said, adding, "I don't think the LA Clippers are a bigoted organization. There's no evidence of that."

However, as fellow panelist Matthew Dowd pointed out, there is evidence that Sterling has a racist history, both in his non-basketball dealings and within the Clippers.

"Everyone goes hysterical over two or three sentences," Kristol continued. "Private organizations can deal with, private businesses can fire people, I suppose."