Bill Kristol Calls Donald Trump's Oval Office Address His 'Last Card'

The conservative commentator told CNN he expects the president's speech promoting border wall funding to go nowhere.

Conservative commentator Bill Kristol on Monday dismissed President Donald Trump’s scheduled Oval Office address to promote what Trump calls the “national emergency” at the border.

On CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper,” Kristol said he doubted the president’s pitch for border wall funding amid the government shutdown would have any effect, except to alienate Republican loyalists.

“I think if he gives it and it goes nowhere, which is what I would expect, I think by Wednesday-Thursday, then you see serious erosion of Republican support on the Hill,” Kristol said. “This is Trump’s last card. What else is he gonna do?”’s Kristol, called a “failed prognosticator” by Trump after Kristol’s Weekly Standard folded last month, was reminded that Trump might try to declare a national emergency to build the wall.

Kristol had a firm opinion on GOP reaction to that as well.

Watch the CNN panelists above.

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