ABC News Guest Tells Bill Kristol To 'Enlist In The Iraqi Army'

'This Week' Panel Gets Into Heated Battle Over Iraq

In a fiery head-to-head battle among "This Week" panelists on Sunday, Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of "The Nation," told neoconservative Bill Kristol that if he cares so much about intervention in Iraq, he should go and join the army there himself.

Vanden Heuvel called out Kristol, editor of "The Weekly Standard," over his strong interventionist beliefs that made him the subject of much criticism around the time of the 2003 Iraq invasion. Kristol, one of the most prominent Iraq War boosters, has been back in the media spotlight recently to give advice on the current crisis in Iraq and push for a renewed intervention.

Vanden Heuvel called Kristol one of the "architects of catastrophe" in the 2003 invasion and said that he and many other war hawks must be held accountable for their "failed assumptions that have so grievously wounded this nation."

"This country should not go back to war," she said. "And if you feel so strongly, you should, with all due respect, enlist in the Iraqi army."

"That's a very cute line," he shot back.

Kristol's son Joseph did in fact serve in Afghanistan with the U.S. Marine Corps, although it's not clear whether vanden Heuvel was aware of that.

Watch the video for a clip from "This Week."

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