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Bill Kristol is a Maniac

Bill Kristol is a Maniac
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Bill Kristol has never seen a war he didn't like. No, that's too soft. A war he didn't love and lust after. Here's a wolf in sheep's clothing pretending to be serious, sober minded analyst on television when in reality he is trying to get us sucked into horrific wars that other people will die fighting. Will he ever put on a uniform and fight any of the wars he so desperately wants to start? Hell no. Will anyone in his family or friends? Hell no.

They love to start wars, not fight them. That's for the poor schmucks who don't know any better and sign up to run the fool's errands Kristol wants to send them on. On Thursday, we had Ben Barnes, the former Lt. Governor of Texas on our show talking about how he got all the rich kids of Texas out of the Vietnam War, including George W. Bush. There was something about hearing him say it that struck me. It isn't just theoretical; they really do get their kids out of war while they send poor kids to get ground up by the war machine. There is something infinitely sick about that.

And here's Kristol now on Fox News channel today talking about how we need more war, a wider war, a bigger war. He says it's "a great opportunity." You could almost see him drooling. Watch this clip:

First of all, I'd like to congratulate Juan Williams for finally calling him out on this nonsense. Second, I loved Kristol's reaction to Williams. Shrug it off -- yes, of course, I want more war. No skin off his ass.

For those of you lucky enough to not know Bill Kristol, he is the top neocon intellectual (how's that for a gigantic oxymoron) in the country. He is the editor of The Weekly Standard, the bible of neo-conservatism and warmongering. He is in effect their propaganda minister. And like all good propaganda ministers, he will never bring his pampered, powdered soft ass anywhere near a battle line. But he can't wait for your kid to die in the wars he starts.

He goads the country by calling it weak and does what all people trained in propaganda do - unless you attack the country I tell you to, I will call all of you weak and cowardly. The oldest trick in the book. Read it for yourself in his latest article here.

The chickenhawk is calling the rest of us chickens. How's that for rich irony?

In the video clip, Kristol mentions that Israel is now fighting four out of five of our enemies. He says that the only enemy of ours not in this current battle is Al-Qaeda. He neglects to mention that they are the only people who actually attacked us! The other four are only our enemies because the neocons have convinced this administration to threaten them. Those people never attacked us -- we threatened to attack them.

Frankly, I don't give a damn what Kristol's motivations are. I don't care if he has some other interests in mind or if he just loves blood. Maybe the sight of other people bleeding for his ideas turns him on. But anyway, you slice it, it's maniacal and unacceptable.

Right now, we should be spending all of our time and energy trying to figure out a way to avoid a broader Middle Eastern War, a war that could suck us into World War III. We have 130,000 troops waiting in Iraq like sitting ducks. What happens when Israel and Iran start exchanging bombs? It's obvious -- we get sucked into fighting Iran ... and the Iraqi Shiites, and the Iraqi Sunnis, and the Syrians, and the Lebanese and ...

That's a world of pain. If you thought the Iraq War has gone poorly, wait till you get a load of the broader Middle East War -- where everyone in the region is against us.

How haughty and arrogant could we be? What are we going to do, bomb, fight and occupy the whole Middle East? We couldn't even handle Iraq. How in the world are we going to handle Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon at the same time? We are asking for a terrible war we can't possibly win.

We wouldn't even know what winning means. Since it's not our interests we're fighting for, when do we know we won? When we obliterate the whole Middle East? When they bow down to our military might? When they stop fighting us? There is no winning because there's nothing to win.

Yet, instead of calling for calm and a halt to the bombings our President encourages Israel to go further because of dangerous neocons like Kristol whispering in his ear (notice how Kristol gave Bush a little pat on the head on Fox by saying he likes the administration's reaction from the last couple of days - good boy, good boy). If we don't do something right now, we are going to be in the middle of an intractable, bloody war before we know what hit us.

Don't get me wrong, I think Hamas and Hezbollah started the hostilities in this case. They sent a terrible message to Israel by attacking from territories Israel withdrew from. That precedent can only do tremendous damage to their own people because it encourages occupation. Then Israel overreacted and has killed far more civilians than necessary in a foolhardy effort to send a message. What's the message? We'll kill your women and children if you keep it up?

But at this point, it's futile and unproductive to be worried about who started it. Instead, we need to focus all of our energies on how to stop it. Unfortunately, we have a couple of roadblocks here at home preventing us from trying to come up with a peaceful and productive solution. One of those roadblocks goes by the name of Bill Kristol.

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