Bill Kristol Needs to Get Out More

It's pretty odd that the New York Times has hired Bill Kristol as a "national" commentator, when he so often writes like a local D.C. gossip columnist. Here's the scope of his "reporting" today:

"But the next morning, as I drove around the Washington suburbs, I saw not one but two cars -- rather nice cars, as it happens -- festooned with the Obama campaign bumper sticker 'got hope?'"

Here's the scope of his "reporting" just a few weeks ago:

"From the gun clubs of Northern Virginia to the sports bars of Capitol Hill -- wherever D.C.-area Republicans gather -- you hear the question: 'Where's Murphy?'"

I know it's hard for sons of Washington privilege like Kristol to fathom, but there is a whole world outside the Maryland/Virginia I-495 Beltway. Living out here and having just completed the majority of a nationwide book tour, I can report that this world outside of D.C. is actually a pretty interesting place. Maybe people like Kristol should visit more often before putting pen to paper and opining on the mindset of the nation.