Bill Kristol: Rand Paul 'Is Totally Overrated' For 2016

Rand Paul, you're going to want to call your office.

Conservative pundit Bill Kristol said that Paul is "totally overrated" as a potential 2016 candidate.

"I predict Rand Paul will get fewer votes than his father got in 2012," he said. "He's more dovish than President Obama on foreign policy. Republican voters aren't."

Watch more of his appearance in the video above.

Though Kristol has never been a big Rand Paul fan, he is considered to be a likely frontrunner in the next presidential election. A recent Bloomberg poll showed that Paul had the highest approval rating in New Hampshire among rumored 2016 candidates, with 65 percent of likely primary voters in the state had positive views of the Kentucky senator. Even soon-to-be Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that Paul would have his support should he choose to run.

Earlier this month, Paul said that he won't make a decision on 2016 until the spring.