Bill Kucic, Teacher, Attacked By Steer At School (VIDEO)

Bill Kucic, a teacher at the Pioneer Career and Technology Center in Shelby, Ohio, was rushed to the hospital by helicopter after he was attacked by a steer during a classroom meat-processing demonstration, WJW-TV reports.

According to the station, the attack occurred when Kucic was leading the 1,200-pound animal from his pen to a stall where he was to be put down. School officials say the steer turned on Kucic, lifted him up and flipped him in the air.

“When he flipped, he hit his head," School superintendent Glenna Cannon told the station of the teacher. "He had a few broken bones and some lacerations to his neck.”

WFMD-TV reports that students were able to close the gate to contain the steer, and immediately called 911.

Cannon told the Bucyrus Telegraph Forum that no students were injured and that Kucic's condition is improving.

"He is recuperating very well," she told the paper. "A couple people have been down to visit him, but we're trying not to inundate him."

According to a report by the Associated Press, the school is thinking about changing the way the slaughtering lessons are carried out.