Bill Maher Reveals '25 More Things You Don't Know' About Hillary Clinton

No. 15: "My nicknames for my boobs are 'goldman' and ‘sachs.'"

Bill Maher has been imagining what Hillary Clinton’s rivals would say in Us Weekly’s “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me,” ever since the Democratic nominee answered the magazine’s questions herself in April.

The “Real Time with Bill Maher” host has poked fun at Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump in recent weeks. And this week, with the Democratic National Convention just days away, it was Clinton’s turn to be spoofed.

“We’ve done a bunch of the other candidates and we thought we’d circle back because this is her big week coming up,” Maher said Friday. He then let loose with such wisecracks as her “secret service codename is ‘Nutcracker” and she is surprised nobody’s noticed “that I’ve switched from pantsuits to space suits.”

Check out the clip above to see what else was included in the list.

Here’s how Maher previously spoofed Sanders:

This is how Maher imagined Cruz would reply:

And here are Trump’s fictional responses: