Bill Maher: Don't Put Al Franken In With Roy Moore, Kevin Spacey Or Donald Trump

“He did a bad thing and the condemnation has been universal, which he deserves."

Bill Maher had his say on the controversy engulfing his friend Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) on Friday’s broadcast of “Real Time.”

Maher acknowledged that Franken, who anchorwoman Leeann Tweeden has accused of groping and kissing her without consent during a USO tour in 2006, had done “a bad thing” and deserved the universal condemnation he’s received.

But Maher said Franken didn’t deserve to be “lumped in” with other prominent figures facing sexual misconduct allegations, such as the GOP’s Alabama Senate nominee Roy Moore, Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey, movie mogul Harvey Weinstein and President Donald Trump.

“Trump called his accusers liars, threatened to sue them, did long riffs at his rallies where he’d say they were too ugly for him to assault,” said Maher. “Plus, with Al Franken we’re talking about one incident. Trump has 16 accusers. Roy Moore has nine.”

Maher also called for the launch of another #MeToo campaign, but one in which people can tell “two unlike things apart.”

“I know the difference between a man who once acted like a dick and a man who is a dick, me too!” he said. “I know the difference between someone who behaved like a high schooler and someone who targeted high schoolers, me too!”

Check out the full segment above.