Bill Maher: Anthony Weiner Should Resign (VIDEO)

Bill Maher: Anthony Weiner Should Go

Bill Maher reluctantly added his voice to the chorus of people calling on Anthony Weiner to resign.

Maher--who has extracted comedy gold from Weiner's raunchy Facebook chats--was speaking to Anderson Cooper on Tuesday about the GOP debate and the Weiner scandal.

"Do you think he should resign?" Cooper asked.

"At this point, yes," Maher said. "Not because I think he did anything so incredibly awful. Dick Cheney used to go out and shoot birds by the hundreds that were like in a cage. To me, that's a lot more psychotic than anything Anthony Weiner ever did. But the point is, this is America. We have to live in reality."

"But if you don't think it's so bad, what Weiner did, why do you think he should resign?" Cooper said.

"Because people won't let it go," Maher said. "Because you're asking me about it. Because, until he resigns--this is how it works in America. When you do something unspeakable, you know, like be horny, you have to go away."

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