Bill Maher: Apologize To The Trans Community!

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Creative Commons Attribution: Angela George

Bill Maher’s segment with a gay alt-right voice, who will go unnamed, has surfaced on the internet because of the hurtful and misinformed comments this individual, shared about Trans women using restrooms. Straight and LGBT people alike were quick to call out this gay alt-right individual. Let’s stop giving this person the spotlight. Instead we should all be addressing the comments made by Bill Maher, a public figure who professes to value substance and facts when performing on his show. In this case he relied on innuendo and stereotype.

Bill Maher owes the Trans community an apology. This is why:

In the recent segment, Maher’s guest said “I think women and girls should be protected from having men who are confused about their sexual identities in their bathrooms.”

Maher’s response? “That’s not unreasonable”.

Maher is completely out of line when agreeing with his guest. To make matters worse, Maher turns to his other guests on the panel and asks “Where do you stand on weirdos peeing?”

This is not about P.C. Culture, but about stopping the perpetuation of hate against a community of people who have no ulterior motive but to live their lives, and use the facilities that match their gender identity.

So, it is without hesitation that we say to Maher, “You owe the Trans community an apology. Your comments put Trans women’s lives at risk by normalizing a false moral. Not only that, you gave someone a voice on your show who is an aggressor and agreed with him! You are an accomplice to this bigotry. Maher, you’re wrong on this and as someone who encourages others to put on their big boy pants and accept reality, I say put on your big boy pants and educate yourself. Accept that you were wrong by issuing an apology. Have some Trans people on your show to set the record “straight” so to speak.”

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