Bill Maher Rips Apple For Releasing New iPhones Every Year

“Do your friends really need clearer pictures of your lunch?"

Bill Maher says that if Apple wants to do something truly innovative, then it should “try not releasing a new phone.”

The “Real Time with Bill Maher” host criticized the technology company for bringing out new versions of its smartphones at least once every year, on his show Friday.

“Because somebody has to teach Americans that we don’t always have to have something new or better every year, or in the case of our upside down economic system, every quarter,” he said in his “New Rule” segment.

“The only people who really need you to get a new phone every year are the shareholders.” Maher knows his view could be controversial, and went on to hilariously imagine just some of the criticisms he would receive from hardcore Apple fans.

But he reiterated his view that “in corporate America, the stock market is the tail that wags the dog.” It needed to change, he said, before questioning whether you really need to upgrade to a new cell phone to that your friends can see clearer pictures of your lunch.

Check it out in the clip above.