Bill Maher's Birthday Wish To Interview Barack Obama Is Finally Coming True

It's happening!

Good things come to those who wait.

Bill Maher’s long-held dream of interviewing President Barack Obama now looks set to come true.

The “Real Time” host revealed Friday that he’d be talking to the president at the White House this week for a segment that will air on his HBO show at 10 p.m on Friday, Nov. 4.

“Back in January I celebrated a birthday, it was a big one; I was 32,” Maher joked in a YouTube clip. “Anyway, I used the occasion to make a plea for the president to come on ‘Real Time.’”

“Not just because I’m a true fan, but because I thought our large, loyal audience deserved to be treated to a presidential visit, just like other shows have,” the comedian added.

Maher said he was “thrilled” because his audience thinks “a little different about things” and he knows “this president is sincere about changing diversity everywhere in America.”

Check out Maher’s monologue above, and watch the full show promo below: