Bill Maher Compares Congress To 'Weekend At Bernie's' For Insanely Old Members (VIDEO)

WATCH: Maher Tells The Truth About Strom Thurmond

Bill Maher closed Friday's episode of "Real Time" with a rant about the retention rates in congress, which results in more than a few congressmen remaining in their seat and voting on issues well into old age.

Slamming the fact that congress has a 10 percent approval rating, yet somehow reelects 90 percent of its members, he pointed out the hypocrisy that people get fired from their jobs frequently for incompetence -- except in the case of the House of Representatives.

"There are only three ways a congressman goes out," Maher said. "They die in office, they cash in as a lobbyist, or they mistakenly post a picture of their dick."

Calling it a "'Weekend at Bernie's' Congress," he singled out the late Strom Thurmond, who he called "a man who raped the family maid the same year Fitzgerald wrote The Great Gatsby," while still voting on complicated issues like stem cell research at age 101.

Check out the clip above to watch Maher go off on these extremely old congressmen.

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