Bill Maher Defends Sanford: "At Least Sanford Was Truly In Love" And Not Having "Sleazy" Sex With The "Easiest Roadkill" He Could Find (VIDEO)

Bill Maher, comedian and host of HBO's "Real Time," appeared on "Hardball" tonight to discuss a wide range of issues, from Maher's trip through the South, to the Sotomayor nomination hearings, to the recent spate of politicians being caught having extramarital affairs. It was on this last topic that Maher truly outdid himself, as evidenced by Chris Matthews barely being able to breathe he's laughing so hard.

Maher expressed sympathy for South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford because

at least Sanford was truly in love. And I think he looks very good next to all the other cheating politicians we've seen in recent years... We're so accustomed to Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky, John Edwards and Eliot Spitzer. You know, all these politicians, [Senator John] Ensign as you mentioned, and it's always just sleazy. They're just having sex with the easiest roadkill they can find. It's just, you know, 'Oh my god, the door just closed, my wife's in the other room, come over here and touch me.' It's this very sleazy quick kind of sex, and this guy Sanford, you know, I tell you, he could win women back if he just went to this mistress because obviously that's who he loves. I mean, that's the third act of the movie.


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