Bill Maher Warns Democrats: 'Ease Up On The Identity Politics'

The "Real Time" host said Democrats "obsess" over the wrong issues.

Comic Bill Maher has some advice for Democrats

Ease up on the identity politics,” he told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “The Lead” on Tuesday.

“They pulled off quite a neat trick in 2016. They made white people ― who are still the majority in this country ― feel like a minority, or at least enough of them to swing the election,” said the host of HBO’s “Real Time.” “Make sure you look like you represent everybody, including the majority.”

Later in the conversation, Tapper brought up Maher’s interview with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) last week, whom Maher had teasingly called “Pocahontas,” in an echo of President Donald Trump’s insults.

“Do you think when the president calls her that, that it’s an ethnic slur?” Tapper asked.  

“Technically, yes. Should we get that upset about it? Of course not. This is, again, one of the problems the Democrats have is that they obsess about things like Halloween costumes and the name of the Washington Redskins, and there’s millions of people in this country who are saying, ‘How about a little bit more of “I’m going to get your job back”?’ That’s why they listened to a con man about that.”

Maher also said Democrats need to have a message in 2020.

“‘At least we’re not crazy’ didn’t work,” he said. “I think you need something more.” 

See the full interview above.