Bill Maher Mocks Devin Nunes’ Memo As Nothing More Than 'A Facebook Post'

"It’s not an intelligence document."

Bill Maher took aim at House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) on Friday night’s broadcast of “Real Time.”

Maher suggested a memo drafted by Nunes’ staff that alleges the FBI and the Justice Department inappropriately spied on President Donald Trump’s campaign team is “not an intelligence document.”

Instead, Maher likened the dossier — which Nunes released Friday after Trump declassified it — to “a Facebook post that you briefly skim before clicking unfriend.”

“Republicans talk about this memo like it’s some smoking gun piece of evidence that they uncovered,” Maher said. “No. They wrote it. They uncovered it in their printer.”

Check out the full monologue above.