Bill Maher Discusses Palin, Gates Arrest, Health Care Reform On CNN (VIDEO)

Bill Maher appeared on CNN's "The Situation Room" today to discuss a wide range of topics, from health care reform to Sarah Palin's resignation. But he stressed one point: that society now attaches a for-profit motive to everything, including things that were once considered too important to leave in the hands of those whose first motive is to make money:

A generation or two ago, not everything in this country had to be for-profit. Some areas were roped off and we said that's just too important to put the profit motive in... But we've changed, we've become a different society. Everything has to be for-profit now and some things shouldn't be.

When host Wolf Blitzer asked Maher if he meant that there's no room for capitalism in the U.S., Maher responded, "No, of course capitalism is good. I am not a communist... But as a society we used to understand that it didn't have to go everywhere."

Maher also addressed the controversy surrounding the the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, saying he thinks Obama's comments about the Cambridge police were correct and offering his opinion of the real reason Gates was put in handcuffs:

I'm not even sure this is a racial situation because I don't know if this cop is racist. But I have to say it seems to me more like a police situation. I think Henry Louis Gates was arrested for the crime of not kissing the behind of the police officer.

Watch the full interview below:

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