Bill Maher Rips 'Whiny Little B***h' Donald Trump Over His First 100 Days

He's also spotted a pattern of how the president operates.

Bill Maher did not hold back when it came to analyzing President Donald Trump’s first 100 days in office.

On Friday, the “Real Time” host tore into Trump over what he’s failed to accomplish and for complaining in a recent interview about the presidency being “more work than in my previous life.”

“Nobody knew that presidenting would be so hard,” said Maher, imitating Trump. “It looked so easy in the movies when Morgan Freeman does it.”

After calling Trump a “whiny little bitch,” Maher then pointed out how there appears to be a three-stage pattern to how he’s operated since taking power.

Firstly, Maher said, Trump boasts how something is “so easy to fix.” He then realizes its complexity which forces him to say, “nobody knew, nobody knew it was hard.” The third phase is essentially reverting back to former President Barack Obama’s policies.

“He’s like the Manchurian Candidate, but you don’t even have to hypnotize him!” said Maher.

Check out the full monologue above.

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