Bill Maher Suggests How Every News Story About 'Narcissistic' Donald Trump Should Begin

The "Real Time" host said a particular phrase should tee up every article about the president.

Bill Maher believes every news story about President Donald Trump should begin in the same way.

The “Real Time” host on Friday said the following phrase ― “President Trump, who suffers from a malignant narcissistic personality disorder” ― should be written at the beginning of every story in a bid to explain his actions that are subsequently detailed.

Maher’s suggestion, which he has touted previously on the show, came up in a panel discussion on the arrest of a lieutenant in the U.S. Coast Guard who is accused of plotting a terror attack on leading Democrats and journalists.

“He is known as a moderate among Republicans,” Maher joked, before linking Trump’s anti-media rhetoric to the alleged plot.

“How many times does this have to happen before we realize that these guys are the ‘Son of Sam’ killers and he is the dog that they are listening to?” Maher asked.

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