Bill Maher Shreds Donald Trump, Likens Him To A Mob Boss

“People call this presidency a ‘reality show.' It's more like a Scorsese movie."

Bill Maher thinks President Donald Trump’s administration is less like a reality show and “more like a Scorsese movie.”

On Friday’s broadcast of “Real Time,” the comedian broke down why he believes Trump is like a mob boss in a Martin Scorsese film. He said the president has surrounded himself in the White House with “toxic trash” figures from New York City — such as Michael Cohen, Rudy Giuliani and Anthony Scaramucci.

This administration “is a protection racket” and “everything Trump does is modeled on the mob,” said Maher. “Who does Trump surround himself with? Disposable lawyers and idiot members of his own family. Who’s his worst enemy? The FBI. Where does his money come from? He’s in construction.”

“He’s so much like a don, his name is literally Don,” Maher added. “What part of this isn’t mob-like?”

Check out the clip above.