Bill Maher: The Presidency's Unwritten Rules Must Now Be Written Down

"Trump reminds us that some people will break every rule that’s not specifically enumerated."

Bill Maher is fed up with Donald Trump repeatedly breaking the unwritten rules of the presidency.

So on Friday’s “Real Time,” the late night host suggested a solution.

“Moving forward, every previously unwritten rule about the presidency must be written down,” he told his audience. “If Donald Trump has taught everyone who ever dealt with him one thing, it’s get it in writing.”

Maher said the American people were “just the latest suckers” to learn that fact the hard way, and that Trump reminded him “that some people will break every rule that’s not specifically enumerated.”

From refusing to release his tax returns to maintaining a for-profit business empire while still in office, Maher said the president was like a babysitter who wasn’t given clearly defined boundaries.

“When you hire a babysitter, you write down a list of rules, ‘no boyfriend visits, no loud music, stay out of my greenhouse,’” Maher said. “But no one thinks you have to write down ‘don’t put the baby in the microwave.’ Well with Trump you do.”

Check out Maher’s segment above, and watch his opening monologue below:

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