Bill Maher's Campaign To Find The Worst Member Of Congress Is Underway

Bill Maher's campaign to find the worst member of Congress is officially underway.

Maher announced the first two members of "Flip A District" on Friday -- the viewer-driven competition to nominate representatives that they want voted out of office. Making the initial cut for the "Tweet Sixteen" are Reps. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.) and Blake Farenthold (R-Texas), whom Maher panned as the "first two public embarrassments."

Grimm made headlines in January 2014 for threatening to "break" NY1 reporter Michael Scotto "in half." The congressman later called Scotto to apologize for his actions, adding in a statement that he shouldn't have let his emotions get the better of him.

“He seems to be all of Staten Island distilled in one man and there is a lot of enthusiasm out there for making him go away," Maher said of Grimm on Friday.

Farenthold has also made headlines in the past, headed by his September 2013 birther brain freeze on MSNBC, when he couldn't say if President Barack Obama was "legitimately" elected to office.

“He’s the poster boy for why we are doing this," Maher said. "He won in 2010 by 799 votes and then they redistricted it."

Once the "Tweet Sixteen" is rounded out, that list will eventually be narrowed to one member. At that point, Maher explained back in January that he will turn to that person's race for reelection, performing standup targeted at the chosen representative.



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