Bill Maher: 'Why Are We Electing So Many Gynecologists To Congress?' (VIDEO)

At the end of his latest episode of "Real Time," Bill Maher posed a question you don't hear very often: "Why are we electing so many gynecologists to Congress?" Or, more specifically, "OBGYNs who know nothing about reproduction?"

After declaring his "New Rules" for Hooters, Asiana Airlines and Juror B37 in the clip above (about 3:00 in), Maher lamented "the resurgence of the smart stupid person," such as the neurosurgeon who recently wrote about his experiences in heaven.

"He isn't even the only brilliant brain surgeon who's a also a drooling idiot," Maher said before going on to deride other prominent doctors and politicians for being "accomplished scholars on the outside and on the inside, a creamy layer of Michele Bachmann."

Which lead Maher to his question about the aforementioned OBGYN Congressmen, such as Ron Paul, Michael Burgess and the guy who defended Todd Akin's "shut that whole thing down" theory.

"If having your head between a woman's legs is a qualification for public office, why not Congressman Michael Douglas?"



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