Bill Maher: I'm Not Rich, I'm A Job Creator! (VIDEO)

Bill Maher: I'm Not Rich, I'm A Job Creator!

On Friday night's "Real Time," Bill Maher finally started to understand what the GOP presidential candidates have been talking about in nearly every debate thus far. That people who make an exorbitant amount of money every year, himself included, aren't "rich" people -- they're job creators!

Maher used his last "New Rule" of the night to embrace his job creator status and confess how much Obama's plan to tax the rich scares him and his fellow J.C.'s. Even the thought of higher taxes can prevent them from creating more jobs, because if there's anything that scares the rich, it's "uncertainty."

"Uncertainty gives us job creators the willies -- It's terrifying! Like when you find out your private island has natives," Maher joked.

Watch the clip below and hear Maher rattle off a list of all the people he'll have to let go in these uncertain times -- from his gardner's personal trainer to the girl he hires to mistake him for Jon Hamm.


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