Bill Maher Slams The Internet For Killing The Truth

"Somewhere along the line, the information superhighway became Bulls**t Boulevard."

Internet, you've angered Bill Maher.

On Friday's "Real Time," Maher unloaded on the World Wide Web for supposedly killing the truth. "The problem is that somewhere along the line the information superhighway became Bullshit Boulevard," the comedian said.

Maher added that now Americans get their information from Facebook posts and other unreliable sources, rather than actual news outlets. Among other things, this enables politicians to spread lies that go unchecked, said the host.

Maher even described one case where presidential hopeful Carly Fiorina said she saw a Planned Parenthood video that depicts someone keeping a fetus alive to harvest its brain.

"But that video doesn't exist unless you subscribe to 'Nut-flicks,'" he said.

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