Bill Maher Explains Iraq Isn't A 'Bad Boy' America Can Change

Maher On Iraq: America Like A Women Who Wants To 'Fix The Bad Boy'

Bill Maher got all Dr. Phil on us during the latest episode of "Real Time," insisting that the U.S. has to stop thinking we can change other countries.

"America's like one of those women who always thinks she can fix the bad boy," said Maher during his final "New Rule" of the night.

He also equated the Iraq crisis with an address that no business can make work. "You know how sometimes there's one place on a street where every business that goes in there fails? You drive by it's a Quiznos, you drive by again it's a nail salon, drive by again it's a pawn shop... it's not failing because it hates freedom, it's just a shitty location."

Watch Maher give America some tough love in the clip above and let us know if you agree.

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