Bill Maher Issues Warning On Birthers: They Can Take Over "Like Crab Grass Or Cirque Du Soleil" (VIDEO)

Tonight on HBO, Bill Maher took on the "birther" movement because, in his words, "In America, you know what, if you don't immediately kill errant bullshit no matter how ridiculous, it can grown and thrive and eventually take over like crab grass or cirque du soleil."

"In America," Maher explained, "There is no idea so patently absurd that it can't catch on." The idea catching on here is that Obama is an undocumented alien, with no U.S. birth certificate, and his presidency is, thus, "illegal."

"Lou Dobbs said recently that people are asking a lot of questions about the birth certificate." Maher continued. "Yes. The same people that want to know where the sun goes at night. And... where to put the stamp on their email. And Lou, you're their new king"


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