Bill Maher: 'Promiscuous' GOP Base Wouldn't Even Elect Jesus (VIDEO)

Bill Maher: Even Jesus Couldn't Get The GOP Nomination

On Friday night's "Real Time," Bill Maher came up with one word to describe the current GOP base: Promiscuous.

Echoing Jon Stewart's comments earlier this week, Maher recalled how Republicans have fallen in love with frontrunner after frontrunner, from Donald Trump to Michele Bachmann to Rick Perry, who "sounded so dumb, they're even considering voting for a black guy."

Even Chris Christie, who some conservatives wanted to join the race this week, would end up disappointing GOP voters with his pro-stances on civil unions and gun control.

"Save yourself the heartbreak," Maher kidded.

The appparent flavor-of-the-week style of the current GOP base is what brought Maher to perhaps his most poignant joke of the night -- that not even Jesus himself would make it through a few news cycles as a candidate in this election.

After a brief look at Jesus' domestic policies, try imaging him in the Tea Party!


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