Bill Maher Takes On Kony 2012

Bill Maher took on Kony 2012, the viral campaign against Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony that has sparked as much controversy as it has praise.

"If you watched that video of Joseph Kony and were shocked to discover that such terrible people live in the world, you need to fire whoever’s homeschooling you," he said on Friday.

Last week, Maher praised the campaign's success in attracting young people to help a good cause. This week, he took a decidedly different tone.

"Raising awareness for Joseph Kony is like voting for Obama in 2008. It’s the beginning of solving a problem, not the end," he said. "If you just make Joseph Kony famous without capturing him, he will win."

Maher also joked that Kony will become so famous that he'll probably end up on Dancing With The Stars, getting his cell phone hacked and eventually getting into politics.

The campaign made headlines on Friday after Jason Russell, the narrator of the Kony 2012 viral video, was detained after allegedly masturbating in public.

Invisible Children, the organization that produced the video and is spearheading the cause, has also come under fire for its spending practices and accusations that the film misrepresents the situation.

Watch the full clip above.