Bill Maher: I'm So Sick Of 'Thoughts And Prayers' After Mass Shootings

"Thoughts and prayers are the Republican way of saying 'tough s**t.'"

“Real Time” host Bill Maher says he is done with people who respond to mass shootings by sending their “thoughts and prayers.”

“I’m so sick of all the reactions,” he said while talking about the recent Las Vegas massacre during the opening monologue of Friday’s show.

“I’m so sick of ‘thoughts and prayers,’” Maher told his studio audience, before breaking down why the expression riled him so much.

“First of all, thoughts are the opposite of prayers. A thought is ‘what should I do?’ A prayer is wishing on a star,” he said. “‘Thoughts and prayers’ are the Republican way of saying ‘tough shit.’” 

Check out his full opening monologue in the clip above.