Bill Maher Bets David Letterman A Week's Pay Donald Trump WILL Run For President (VIDEO)

Bill Maher stopped by "The Late Show" Monday night, and like most talk-show interviews of late, the topic soon turned to Donald Trump and his 2012 intentions.

Maher has no idea why anyone's paying attention to the "curiosity from the 80s" or why he's leading in GOP straw polls, but he is sure about one thing: Trump is definitely running for President.

In the interview snippet below, Maher argues that Trump's ego, age and the fact that he's been courting Evangelicals indicate that he's serious about running. David Letterman, however, insists it's just a publicity stunt. Maher then decided to make things "interesting."

"Let's wager a week's pay. Mine against yours," Maher said. And while they didn't exactly shake on it, Letterman did seem interested, adding, "Will you throw in some steaks?"