Bill Maher: America Must 'Start Penalizing Liars' Like Donald Trump

"Obama should sue Trump for saying that he wiretapped him."

Bill Maher is calling time on liars.

On Friday’s broadcast of “Real Time,” the comedian said people, including President Donald Trump, should be held more accountable for their lies.

Speaking about Trump’s “very disturbing” Thursday interview with “Fox & Friends,” Maher said the president had broken “his own record for lying within a sentence.” “I swear to God, he was talking about CNN, and he said, ‘I don’t watch it at all. I watched it last night,’” he said.

People had “normalized” Trump’s lies, Maher added, before claiming “the most important thing we have to do in America right now, is start penalizing liars.”

“[Former President Barack] Obama should sue Trump for saying that he wiretapped him,” said Maher. “I’m just saying that I don’t think we can leave this in the court of public opinion anymore. That’s what the liars want.”

Check out the clip above.

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