Bill Maher Lights Up A Joint To Make A Sobering Point About Legal Pot

"You hippies need to get your head out of your grass."

If you're for legalizing it, put down the Cheetos and listen up.

As part of his new rules on Friday's "Real Time," Bill Maher implored those who are for a completely weed-legal America to "get your head out of your grass."

Though some think legalized pot is a forgone conclusion, Maher said "progress doesn't just automatically snowball." The TV host brought up how more than 500 dispensaries have been shut down in Los Angeles and dispensaries "still can't get banking services." He also says with other rights like gay marriage, no one stood to lose money if the law changed. With legal marijuana and the war on drugs, it's different.

And just to make sure he got your attention, Maher even lit up a joint, which he said was legal. For now, anyway ...

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