Bill Maher Tells Donald Trump To 'F**k Mars’ And Make Earth Great Again

"If we are going to take the challenge to overhaul a planet, let's do this one."

Bill Maher is just about done with people who say they want to explore and colonize Mars — including President Donald Trump.

In a new ATTN:-produced animation released Wednesday, the “Real Time” host called on billionaires and politicians to “stop fantasizing that Mars is Earth’s backup planet.”

Citing Trump’s signing of a bill in March which added human exploration of the red planet as a NASA objective, Maher suggested that “if we are going to take the challenge to overhaul a planet” then it may be best to begin with our own.

After all, he said in the clip inspired by one of his recent “New Rule” monologues, they’d be better off enacting “completely doable policies” to reverse climate change here than moving to the “airless, lifeless, freezing shit hole” of Mars.

“Fuck Mars,” he ended the segment. “It’s time to make Earth great again.”

Check it out in the clip above.