Bill Maher Mocks Newt Gingrich Attack On New York 'Elites' (VIDEO)

The current primary race has heard its fair share of pro-"Real America" and anti-"Liberal Elite" talk thus far, but nothing stood out to comedian Bill Maher quite like Newt Gingrich's recent remarks about New Yorkers.

On Friday night's "Real Time," Maher mocked Gingrich for blasting New York "elites" for living in high rises and riding the subway while speaking in Las Vegas (of all places).

Aside from the fact that New Yorkers of every socioeconomic status ride the train, Maher didn't understand how a "shrieking, creaking, lurching, airless, underground tomb" could be considered "elitist" -- especially considering Gingrich's moon dreams:

"Why dont they travel like real Americans, on a spaceship to the moon!" Maher joked.

Watch the clip above to hear more of Maher's subway humor as well as his issue with jokes about liberal "elite" states like Massachusetts (Or "Taxachusetts") getting raucous applause at CPAC:

"You mean the state that's number one in education, number one in health care and is basically where our country started? Yeah, screw them," Maher joked.