Bill Maher On Drones: 'Some People Do Need Killing' (VIDEO)

On Friday's episode of "Real Time", Bill Maher gave Rand Paul credit for drawing attention to the U.S. drone program, but criticized him for perpetuating the idea that casualties of drone strikes are only a problem if it's Americans being killed.

Discussing the issue at length with his panel, including Arianna, Michael Steele, Avik Roy and David Cross, Maher went on to say that not all drone strikes are bad. "I mean, some people do need killing. It's like what I say about the death penalty, let's just kill the right people."

Arianna pointed out the hypocrisy of the Obama administration in its lack of transparency with who and what poses an imminent threat. "It's like saying, 'Trust us, we're good people, we're not the Bush White House. Trust us, we're not going to kill any good people. They are killing good people, they're killing civilians again and again."

But Maher was quick to reply, "Yeah, but you know what, if you were president you would do the same thing. Once you get to be president, they take you into a little room and they tell you about all the bad guys in the world that you and I don't know about and that's your chief job, to protect people. I know it's bad and we do bad things, but it's a bad world."

Watch the clip above and let us know what you think. Are progressives making too many apologies for the Obama administration's use of drones, and are Americans generally apathetic when it comes to civilian deaths in other countries?



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