Bill Maher On Pope Resignation: Hillary Clinton Should Replace Benedict (VIDEO)

'Hey Catholics, If The Pope Can Quit, So Can You'

As far as Bill Maher's concerned, the best possible outcome of the pope resigning is that Catholics will quit as well. The second best possibility: Hillary Clinton will be the next pope.

Sure, it may be far-fetched, but as Maher explains, a powerful woman at the top could be just what the Catholic Church needs:

"Fact is, that any enterprise that excludes women almost always descends into sexual deviancy... Whether it's the Boy Scouts, the Penn State locker room or on Wall Street, sooner later a bunch of innocent folks get fucked. Show me any culture that's traditionally hostile to women and I will show a culture that is screwed up."

And if Hillary doesn't work out, no problem. Maher's got at least two more PERFECT ideas for papal successors. Watch the clip above and let us know what you think.

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