Bill Maher Decries Media Obsession With Political Sex Scandals (VIDEO)

Between the Secret Service sex scandal, the John Edwards trial and the never-ending GOP Presidential primary, it's hard to ignore how often sex scandals dominate the news media. On Friday night's "Real Time," Bill Maher asked, "Why do we punish sex so much more than everything else?"

After three minutes of "New Rules," Maher rips into network news programs for focusing on the Secret Service scandal so much this week, deeming the entire story an excuse to show that bikini girl's photo on TV and call it news.

"The only politics we understand is scandal, and the only scandal we understand is sex," Maher concluded before getting into the reporting on Newt Gingrich, Herman Cain and John Edwards' sexual deviances. He pointed out that each politician had done equally if not more dishonorable things than commit adultery ("Newt Gingrich has committed every crime in Dante's Inferno except grave robbing!") so why is it primarily the sex scandals that seal their fate?

Watch the clip above and leave your thoughts in the comments.