Bill Maher: America 'Really Should Fight Back' Against Russian Attacks

"We stopped fighting the Cold War, but the Russians never did."

Bill Maher thinks more needs to be done to combat Russian aggression towards the U.S.

“If Russia is going to keep attacking America, then America really should fight back,” he said on Friday’s broadcast of “Real Time.”

While America had pretty much stopped fighting the Cold War after the crumbling of the former Soviet Union, “the Russians never did,” he said.

And after reports emerged about Russia allegedly spending money on Facebook ads that promoted divisive messages during the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Maher said it was not about taking sides but to instead get American citizens “fighting about it.”

Hillary Clinton spent over a billion dollars on the campaign and the Russians beat her with 150 grand because they were able to turn Facebook into ‘Fakebook,’” said Maher.

He then suggested a new name for the social media giant ― “Shit Starter.”

“That’s what their meddling was meant to do: start shit. And boy was that easy to do, since Facebook is the place where thinking went to die,” he added.

Check out the full segment above, and Maher’s opening monologue below:

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