Bill Maher: Antonin Scalia And Michele Bachmann Are 'The Exact Same Idiot'

Bill Maher had plenty of material to work with on "Real Time" Friday night, considering the fact that both Rep. Michele Bachmann and Justice Antonin Scalia publicly addressed their concerns about the end of days and the devil (respectively) in the same week.

At the end of his "New Rules" segment, Maher took aim at Bachmann's recent comments that we're living "in the End times," by suggesting we consider that theory when it comes time for her to perform her Congressional duties.

"If you think the world is about to end, that's your right," Maher said. "But you don't get to vote on next year's budget because it doesn't concern you."

But Bachmann's fear of Judgment Day is hardly shocking when compared to Justice Scalia's recent interview in which he discussed his belief in the Devil. Maher concluded that while most "reasonable people see Michele Bachmann as a total loon, but Scalia as a serious intellectual," they are actually, "the exact same idiot."

After reviewing Scalia's theories on why the Devil doesn't seem to be around anymore (because he isn't possessing people, running pigs off cliffs or doing other things described in the Old Testament) Maher admits that it isn't Scalia's beliefs that bother him, but the whole "making decisions for the rest of us" thing.

"It'd be one thing if Mr. Scalia sold pizza for a living, but this is a man we go to to interpret our laws. It's like smelling a gas leak and calling an exorcist."

Watch the full clip above.

Helen Lovejoy/Michele Bachmann

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