Bill Maher Slams GOP Climate Change Skeptics: They're "So Stupid They Make Me Question Evolution" (VIDEO)

On "Real Time" Friday night Bill Maher pilloried climate change skeptics, particularly skeptics in the Republican party, insisting that they must "stop pretending climate change is a future problem."

Maher directed his criticism at Republicans such as Sen. James Inhofe, who has previously referred to global warming as the "greatest hoax," despite having no science background. He also called out Republicans who, while no longer insisting that the issue of global warming 'needed more study,' now insist that it's probably too late anyhow and so need to change our ways. Maher cited the example of GOP Rep. Joe Barton, who has claimed that we will simply "adapt" to massive climate change.

"These people are so stupid they make me question evolution," Maher said.