Bill Maher Bashes Supreme Court Over Voting Rights, Citizens United: 'You F*cked Up, You Shouldn't Have Trusted Us'

You would be forgiven for thinking Bill Maher was about to go into a criticism of the failures of the Affordable Care Act roll-out when he began Friday's final new rule with, "When you promise the American people that something won't happen if you change the law, and then you change and it does happen, yeah, you have to eat a little sh*t for it."

But he wasn't talking about President Obama, he was talking about John Roberts and the rest of the conservative judges on the Supreme Court. Remember how changing the law with rulings on Citizens United and the Voting Rights Act wasn't going to cause problems? Yep... as far as Maher is concerned the American people are John Belushi in "Animal House," and the Supreme Court "f*cked up" by trusting us.

Watch his scathing criticism above and let us know if you agree.



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