Bill Maher Talks Palin vs. Bachmann On Piers Morgan (VIDEO)

WATCH: Bill Maher Talks Palin vs. Bachmann

Bill Maher appeared on "Piers Morgan Tonight" Monday night and got into a discussion about the 2012 Presidential election. Morgan wanted to know, if Maher had to choose, would he rather see Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann get the nomination?

"I hope that Palin gets in so that they split the MILF vote," Maher joked before making his choice: Bachmann.

"I guess Bachmann," Maher said, later adding that he was splitting hairs. "At least she's somenody who can read. She has a job; she was a lawyer; she's in Congress. She's not just someone who sits there and reads prayers on her Blackberry like Sarah Palin."

Piers also polled Maher on whether or not he thought Palin could win a general election. Maher said "Absolutely. Yes," without hesitation and compared the odds to Ronald Reagan getting elected as President after his acting career. Maher elaborated:

"If she could get the nomination, and anything can happen with -- I mean this Republican Party is not your father's Republican Party. Somewhere along the line they got on a short bus to crazy town and if someone gets the nomination of one of the two major parties, especially in a bad economy, with a black President, yes, she could become President."

Watch the snippet from Maher's interview courtesy of CNN below.


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